I've established a special bond with these wonderful spiders.  They respond to my
coaxing and freely emerge from their tube-like webs and pose for photos like pro
models...not really.  These spiders are just plain fun to look for.  

My first experience with them was on my birthday, February 2010.  My friend, Jake
Scott and I were sitting at the table with Dick and Patty Bartlett talking about Purseweb
spiders when Jake said, "I've seen those type webs."  Within minutes we loaded into
the vehicles and were on our way.  It was after 9:00 pm and very dark, however that
didn't stop us,  Jake was not kidding, we found several webs and collected a couple to

August 2010 was my next excursion searching for Purseweb spiders.  This time I
wanted to photograph a couple of males because all had been females so far.  My
brother, Mike,
Photo Naturalist, Billy Boothe and I met at Torreya State Park.  Mike
and I stayed at the Yurt in Torreya.  Torreya State Park is a wonderful place to visit.  If
you've never been there, you owe it to yourself to check it out...awesome place!  We
did not find any males, however we did find several females and photographed some.  

Florida Backyard Spiders
Purseweb Spiders
(Family  Atypidae)
Purseweb Spider
Sphodros abboti)
Purseweb Spider
Sphodros rufipes)