I was walking my property one night with my headlamp attached to my forehead
looking for whatever may be crawling around, when I noticed hundreds maybe
thousands of flickering lights.  Little shining stars appeared to be all over the grass.  I
knew what is was, having experienced this many times, however never with these
numbers.  That's right, Wolf spiders everywhere.  Most were an inch or less, however I
did see a few larger ones...awesome!

Wolf spiders are a diverse group and can be found most anywhere, including your
house.  Rest easy though, they normally cannot live for more than a day or so.  If you
see one in your home it's there by accident.  Just sweep it out.    
Florida Backyard Spiders
Wolf Spiders
(Family Lycosidae)
Typical Wolf Spider Eye Pattern
Wolf Spider
Hogna spp.)
They went and changed the genus name on wolf
spiders from
Lycosa to Hogna, so the Carolina
Wolf Spider above and to the left are now
Hogna carolinensis